How to

How to get your lunchcard

If you are entitled to access the company canteen, you can request your lunchcard to the "Ristorazione/Economato" office. The office is located at floor 6, building 31, gate D.
Please call the office (0382 503857 or 0382 503855) and make an appointment before getting there.

First login

You must already have your lunchcard to proceed.

The credentials for the first access are:

  • your email (username);
  • your lunchcard number (password).

After login error

If you get an inconsistency error message after login, you should check your account data in the My account section, please double-check:

  • name and surname;
  • fiscal code;
  • lunchcard number.

If you are not able to solve the problem, please write the "Ristorazione/Economato" office using the Contact us form, or call them at 0382 503857 or 0382 503855.

Check your credit and top-up the card

After login, you can check your balance in the My account => Lunchcard details section.

To top up your lunchcard, please follow these steps:

  • select one or more top-ups from the homepage;
  • checkout from the Cart section;
  • fill in or confirm all data to continue;
  • you are now redirected to the PagoPA system, provide your email and choose a payment method to complete the order.

You are strongly advised to top-up your card in advance before using it, for more information go to the Disclaimer page.